For almost two months now, a fast-track procedure has existed for registration of a trademark or a design with the Polish Patent Office, modelled on the system that operates at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). This mechanism is intended to speed up registration procedures, but there are certain stipulations.

The procedure for registration of a trademark in Poland became significantly faster when the opposition system was introduced in 2016. This meant that protection could be obtained even within one year, which was unimaginable before that time. Meanwhile, the Polish Patent Office did not stop there, and at the end of March 2021 it introduced a system of fast-track processing for registration of trademarks and designs. The PPO stated specific requirements for use of the fast-track system, which were above all submitting the application via through the Polish Patent Office online platform. The filing has to be made, and the fee paid, via that platform by an attorney-in-fact or an applicant who has an account in the system. In addition, the application must be processed electronically throughout the entire procedure, and the applicant or attorney-in-fact cannot opt out of delivery of correspondence electronically. A change of the manner in which correspondence is served means that the trademark will not be processed in the fast-track procedure.

Detailed information on the requirements under the fast-track procedure can be found here (in English):

No data is available yet to determine whether the Polish Patent Office fast-track procedure can truly speed up registration, but clearly the prospect of gaining protection may be an incentive to make use of the electronic procedure.