Conference: MeetUp Food Supplement Ingredients

17 Oct 2018

The MeetUp Food Supplement Ingredients Conference, organised by PK Components and the Faculty of Food Sciences of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, will be held in Warsaw on 18 October 2018. This event is one of the most important meetings organised within the food supplements sector in 2018.

The Conference will address the most important issues relating to innovative components of food supplements in relation to the growing needs and expectations of consumers. The objective of the MeetUp Food Supplement Ingredients Conference is to share experience and, as such, to increase the attractiveness and efficiency of food supplements offered on the Polish market.

During the event, a lecture “New Trends in Advertising Food Supplements – Law vs. Practice” will be given by Joanna Uchańska, PhD, Legal Advisor of our Law Firm’s Life Science and Healthcare Department.