Cookies – technical aspects, the latest case law, and guidelines issued by regulators

09 Feb 2021

In 2020, national authorities in individual EU countries issued a series of rulings imposing heavy fines for breach of cookies rules. In these cases, rulings were issued by the ECJ and national courts. The substantive legal grounds for these rulings and judgments were the GDPR and provisions on e-privacy.

During the webinar, we will look at technical and legal issues relating to use of cookies in practice. Our presentations will include the latest decisions and guidelines issued by regulatory authorities, the most important case law, and a proposal for the Electronic Communication Law.


  • Technical aspects of cookies – Dr Andrzej Kaczmarek;
  • The major legal issues concerning use of cookies based on case law, decisions, and standpoints of regulators – attorney-at-law Xawery Konarski;
  • Rules on permitted use of cookies – the law at the moment and forthcoming developments, attorney-at-law Dominika Nowak;
  • The powers of the President of the Personal Data Protection Office and the President of the Office of Electronic Communications, and exercise of those powers with respect to use of cookies – attorney-at-law Dr Grzegorz Sibiga;
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