Life Science Open Space

10 Oct 2018

On 11 October 2018, the ICE Krakow Congress Centre will play host to another edition of the Life Science Open Space. The programme includes a discussion on the topic of new legal regulations and the question of how to have influence on the content of the regulations.

The Life Science & Healthcare industry in Poland is growing intensively and is currently one of the most dynamically developing sectors. In recent years, we have witnessed a growth in demand for products that improve the comfort and quality of life and for revolutionary solutions in medical treatment. More and more businesses and organisations are being established that deal with biotechnology, innovative research and products, and unconventional methods of manufacturing, launching or presenting products on the market. The development of the medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries is also related to increasingly rapid changes in the legal environment, which is evidenced by the legislative work done at both the EU and the national levels. Changes to the law are inevitable, and very often needed and necessary. The first question, however, is how those changes influence business, science, social and economic environment, consumers and all of the citizens. The second question is whether any of the parties mentioned above can have an influence on the final wording of the regulations.

To get answers to those questions we invite you to attend a presentation by Joanna Uchańska, PhD, Legal Advisor, during the Life Science Open Space.