Online training course: Amendment and termination of an IT agreement, with special regard to contracts concluded in the public sector

24 Jun 2020

On 25 June 2020, a training session entitled “Amendment and termination of an IT agreement, with special regard to agreements concluded in the public sector” will be organised by the Centre of Information Technology Promotion.

Even the best thought-out IT project would not eliminate all risks, unforeseen challenges or problems encountered on the way, including improper contract performance. In order to be ready to face them, the parties should specify properly a procedure for amendment and termination of the agreement. The objective of the event is to comprehensively present the legal issues of IT agreement amendment and termination.

During the event, the following questions will be explored in detail:

  • What causes a dispute and may result in an amendment or termination of an IT agreement?
  • When is it necessary to amend or terminate an agreement?
  • Agreement amendment
  • Agreement termination

The training session will be held by our experts: Piotr Nepelski, Attorney-at-Law and Joanna Stecyk, Attorney-at-Law

For more information, please visit the organiser’s website (link).

We hope to see you there!

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