Training on public tenders under the new Public Procurement Law, in particular on the IT market

01 Mar 2021

We recommend training on Public tenders under the new Public Procurement Law in particular on the IT market, organized by Centrum Promocji Informatyki. The program comprises:

  • agreements – mandatory and prohibited clauses;
  • Conciliation proceedings;
  • Amending an agreement in accordance with the new Public Procurement Law;
  • Notice of completion of performance of an agreement and the report on performance of the agreement;
  • New thresholds for applicability of the act;
  • Formulating the tender description in the context of equity criteria;
  • The basic procedure;
  • A competition for the IT market;
  • Disqualification – selected issues including new faces of self-cleaning;
  • Public tenders becoming fully electronic as of 1.01.2021, including a case study based on past experience;
  • New grounds for rejecting a bid;
  • New grounds for invalidating a procedure;
  • Legal remedies.
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