Webinar: 50% Tax Deductible Costs in IT Industry – Tax Authorities Practice

20 Nov 2019

Using preferential 50% tax deductible costs is popular among employers from the IT industry. Its main benefit is the possibility of awarding employees with higher net salaries without increasing gross cost of employment.

Although tax regulations regarding 50% deductible costs aren’t complicated and indicate several conditions of its application, the practice in the matter still varies. Tax bodies contribute to the situation in tax rulings they issue by presenting contrasting positions.

On 20 November 2019 a webinar on “50% tax deductible costs in IT industry – tax authorities practice” organised by the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications will take place in Warsaw.

We are pleased to announce that our experts: Agnieszka Wachowska, Attorney-at-Law, Partner, and Joanna Jastrząb, Attorney-at-Law, will speak about the proper use of 50% tax deductible costs: which employees may benefit, what contractual provisions should be introduced to employment contracts to ensure their compliance with legal regulations, and whether it is currently worth applying for a tax ruling.

Recording of the webinar: link