Webinar: IP Box – Doubts Regarding Explanations

28 Nov 2019
The facilitations and preferences for innovative entrepreneurs announced by the government took on such forms as for example the IP Box, a preferential 5% income tax rate from qualifying intellectual property rights. This July the Minister of Finance issued explanations concerning the application of the deduction as a response to the entrepreneurs’ questions. Unfortunately, their content did not remove the doubts arising from the regulations, and even deepened some of the concerns of particular significance for the IT industry. A webinar entitled “IP Box – doubts regarding explanations” organised by the Polish Chamber for IT and Telecommunications will take place on 28 November. We are pleased to announce that Agnieszka Wachowska, Attorney-at-Law, Partner, and Joanna Jastrząb, Attorney-at-Law, will speak about doubts related to application of the IP Box in businesses connected to software creation and discuss in detail how the Ministry of Finance understands the notion of software in relation to the IP Box and what recommendations are proposed with regard to settling the deduction. To register, go to: