Webinar: Patriotic and ecological marketing

03 Jun 2020
You are very welcome to participate in a webinar entitled “Patriotic and ecological marketing” One of clearly visibly trends on the fashion market at the moment is that consumers pay a special attention to the Polish origin and ecological character of the product. How to take advantage of this new trend in accordance with the law in marking clothes and footwear? You will be able to hear about that on 3 June during the webinar that will be led by: Beata Matusiewicz-Kulig, Attorney-at-Law, and Katarzyna Menszig-Wiese, PhD, LL.M., Attorney-at-Law. The programme of the meeting includes:
  • When can clothes or footwear be marked as made in Poland?
  • How to draft communications about origin of the goods so as not to fall out of favour with customers?
  • What to do if a competitor misleads consumers about the origin of its goods?
  • What are certificates of ecological origin and when can they be used?
  • How to carry out green marketing in accordance with the law?
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