Webinar: Principles of video surveillance in the light of decisions and opinions of supervisory authorities in the EU

03 Aug 2020

During the webinar we will present penalties imposed by European supervisory authorities in connection with video surveillance. Conclusions arising from those decisions are of great importance to ensuring correct and legal implementation of such systems both in Poland and in other Member States of the European Union. We will also discuss elements of guidelines concerning video surveillance. In particular, we are going to focus on:

  1. Penalties, including their legal basis, imposed by European supervisory authorities in connection with surveillance
  • Review of imposed fines and their amounts
  • How to ensure lawful processing of data in a video surveillance system
  • How to assess the scope of data collected using a surveillance system
  • Information that should be provided when using video surveillance
  • Is a DPIA necessary?
  1. Video surveillance principles in the light of case law and guidelines issued by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) and the President of the UODO (Personal Data Protection Office)
  • Conclusions from EDPB Guidelines 3/2019 on processing of personal data  through video devices
  • Video surveillance guidelines issued by UODO President
  1. Practical issues related to surveillance (in particular video surveillance)