TKP Legal Newsletter 11/2022

20 Dec 2022

In this issue:

  • Wind power to serve local communities
  • Tip for doing business in Poland – respect consumer protection rules!
  • Privacy issues in new rules on remote work and sobriety checks
  • GDPR-like Privacy Reform in Ukraine
  • The most important changes employers can expect in 2023
  • The Anti-usury Act, new legislation for the lending sector
  • The European Parliament gaming resolution – a harbinger of the increase in the public funding for video game production in Poland and the EU?
  • Merely providing proof of reputation of a trademark is not sufficient
  • The Electronic Communications Law implementing the EECC in Poland an increasing likely prospect
  • Digital Services Act – the legal status of implementation in Poland
  • New rights and obligations related to the supply of digital content or services in Poland
  • Market exclusivity and its increasing relevance for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Compensation for pursuing late payments in commercial transactions
  • More intense measures by the Polish Public Procurement Office to draw up standards for indexation of fees in public construction work contracts
  • Rental of residential properties in 2023
  • The agony to come – amendment to the Criminal Code