TKP Legal Newsletter no 15

12 Dec 2023

The brand new issue of our newsletter is now out! We hope you will find in the compendium answers to the current business challenges.

In this issue:

  • Oversight of lending institutions by the financial supervision authority (KNF)
  • Will AI vendors defend their clients against IP lawsuits?
  • Data Act: new obligations on data access
  • Consumer law: AI is reviewing your contract templates online right now
  • User content moderation under the digital services act – 10 key takeaways
  • (Non-)obvious assessment of trademarks for medicinal products
  • Latest CJEU ruling on rules on remuneration for overtime for employees who work part-time
  • The difficult road to revising the Polish system of fair compensation for private copying
  • Exclusion of a foreign contractor from the proceedings
  • A planning permit can be obtained in Poland if land to be developed is located within a development zone
  • Is orphan exclusivity a new IP right?

We wish you a good reading!

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