UOKiK President Recommendations on labeling advertising content on social media

26 Sep 2022

This is the first document of this kind to be published by a regulator in Poland!

The document is intended to provide general rules on labeling advertising content on social media, with practical examples. The Recommendations are intended to help influencers, advertising agencies, and advertisers in their daily activities.

What is in the Recommendations? 

  • information provided by the President of UOKiK clarifying which activities constitute commercial contracting
  • tips on when to use certain labels, such as advertising or gift
  • rules on stating that content is self-advertising
  • dos and don’ts, with specific instructions on the form of labels
  • examples of labels to be used on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube
  • the legal consequences for failing to label content on social media properly
  • products and services that are regulated further with respect to advertising or for which advertising is prohibited

The UOKiK President Recommendations were produced in collaboration with representatives of a large portion of the influencer marketing sector – the Association of Employers of the Internet Industry Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Polska, the Marketing Communication Association (SAR), and the Advertising Council.

Contributions were also made to the document by the Faculty of Journalism, Information, and Book Studies at the University of Warsaw, the Department of Press Systems and Press Law at the Adam Mickiewicz University Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, and social media users who were able to give their views on labeling advertising on social media.

TKP also played an active part in the drawing up the Recommendations, in continuation of its work in advising on production of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Polska Influencer Marketing Handbook.

Link to the UOKiK President Recommendations.