Winner of the TKP Professor Elżbieta Traple prize for best master’s thesis

29 Sep 2022

We now know the winner of the TKP Professor Elżbieta Traple prize for the best master’s and PhD thesis on copyright and related rights.

The prize was awarded to Jan Jastrzębski M.A. for his master’s thesis on Protection of Conceptual Art Works under Copyright Law and the Structure of Personality Rights, submitted at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw (WPiA UW).

Sincere congratulations to the winner and his study tutor – Professor Krystyna Szczepanowska-Kozłowska.

Ten or more master’s theses on copyright law were submitted for the prize. Congratulations to all the contenders for the high quality of the theses. We wish you continued success in your studies and careers.