Artificial intelligence (AI)

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About the specialisation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has an impact on various sectors of the economy, generating a number of regulatory challenges for all market participants. In addition, a new piece of legislation has been adopted in the European Union (the Artificial Intelligence Act, also known as the AI Act), which sets out the legal framework for the operation of AI-based systems.

The firm’s team of experts provides legal support to both providers and users of AI-based solutions. We integrate knowledge and experience in the area of AI regulations in the context of multi-faceted legal challenges. We cover such issues as: specific regulations for providers and users of AI systems, personal data protection, financial market regulations, Internet intermediary regulations, intellectual property rights and protection of personal rights.

What we do?
  • we review AI-based solutions in terms of their acceptability and legal risks,
  • we provide support in the dialogue concerning technical issues with the supplier or the client and in the selection process of an appropriate solution,
  • we support clients in developing internal policies and procedures for the use of AI-based tools, including the implementation of an internal policy and rules for the use of AI tools,
  • we update the organisation’s existing procedures and regulations (e.g. work regulations, standard contractual terms and conditions for business partners) and model internal agreements (model employment contracts, B2B contracts, etc.) to ensure that the contractual provisions governing the use of AI tools comply with the law and internal regulations,
  • we support both clients and suppliers during the creation, negotiation, verification and execution of contracts for the implementation, maintenance and development of AI-based solutions,
  • we are monitoring changes in the terms and conditions for the provision of AI tools and legislative changes in the area of artificial intelligence,
  • we provide support in the area of compliance with the use of AI tools, including compliance with regulations on personal data, financial services, cyber security or the provision of electronic services,
  • we provide a wide range of customised training courses on such topics as the legal aspects of using AI tools.
Why you should work with us?

AI presents extraordinary opportunities for companies to help their businesses grow, but also poses various multifaceted challenges and legal risks. Our dedicated team of experts will ensure legal security in the development process and the use of AI tools, which are crucial to the success of the business.

Our experts have extensive experience in providing legal services to various entities and projects in the field of artificial intelligence and new technologies, including organisations operating in international markets. Their practical knowledge of the specific nature of this sector and type of business guarantees a professional approach to legal services, taking into account the business challenges and objectives of individual entities.