• About this practice area

    Cybersecurity is gaining increasing importance. Not so long ago, neither entrepreneurs nor other public entities considered cybersecurity their priority. Nowadays, however, in the era of cloud-based solutions, remote work and information-based economy, data protection has become a key issue. The Polish and EU legislators have also responded accordingly. The need for ensuring information and data security is triggering more and more regulatory action. The regulations that apply to ICT systems processing the data have expanded, as well.
    Our experts have been investigating legal aspects of cybersecurity for years. Drawing on our extensive experience, we have developed effective working practices which benefit our Clients. We collaborate with operators of essential services, digital service providers, IT providers, IT systems procurers and other public entities.
    Cybersecurity considerations cannot be ignored. Ensuring the security of the data processed, enterprises create a competitive edge.

  • What do we do?

    • We perform various audits of compliance; in particular, we make sure that the appropriate regulations concerning the Client’s activity, resulting from the generally applicable provisions of the law, recommendations and guidelines are in place.
    • We help our Clients comply with the provisions of the Act on the National Cybersecurity System.
    • We represent our Clients in the procedures for identifying operators of essential services and in the inspection and supervisory procedures, also those involving fines.
    • We help our Clients establish good relations with their contracting parties (procurers, IT providers) and employees.
    • We advise our Clients in the event of a security incident.
    • We conduct proceedings to pursue claims against perpetrators liable for security incidents.
    • We offer specialist training in the area of cybersecurity

  • Cooperation benefits

    We handle all the legal formalities related to the implementation and maintenance of cybersecurity within an organization on behalf of our Clients. This is a major benefit, which allows enterprises and public institutions to fully focus on their tasks. In the long run it is both time and cost effective. 

    Our Clients may seek assistance from a team of attorneys-at-law and legal advisors with expertise spanning cybersecurity, information and data security, as well as sector-specific regulations. Our Law Firm can also provide technical consultancy. We have established permanent cooperation with several consultancy firms specializing in cybersecurity and with brokers offering insurance against cyber threats. With a vast knowledge of the working practices available, we help our Clients protect themselves and their business against potential cyber threats. 

    Entrepreneurs who fail to maintain cybersecurity standards may suffer financial losses and immeasurable damage to reputation. With our expert team’s support, that risk can be significantly mitigated or even completely eliminated.

  • Why should you choose us?

    • We offer expertise in cybersecurity which is kept constantly up to date.
    • An immediate response in a crisis – in the event of cyber security incidents, data and security breaches.
    • The ongoing monitoring of the existing provisions and the latest case law.
    • Comprehensive support with regard to legal provisions and technical IT expertise.
    • A multi-disciplinary problem-solving approach, based on an in-depth knowledge of the industry and developed in collaboration with brokers offering insurance against cyber threats.