Environmental law

  • About this practice area

    Environmental law is a broad field that covers different branches of law and has a real impact on economy. Administrative law governs a significant portion of such provisions, with some important aspects being regulated also by civil law and criminal law. International and European regulations play an important role in shaping national legislation.

    Environmental laws are changing rapidly. The pursuit of a circular economy and the implementation of successive sustainable development goals mean that environmental law is becoming applicable to an increasing number of areas of our lives and business alike. 

    The environmental issues affect almost every type of economic activity, as well as everyday life. Some sectors of economy – such as renewable energy and waste management industries – rely entirely on the regulations within this branch of law. Other entities also deal with environmental regulations when undertaking projects that require appropriate permits or other decisions.  Nowadays, environmental law is bound to affect almost any business. Therefore, it is worth having at your disposal the ongoing support of professionals with the necessary expertise. The lack of proper project preparation in environmental terms may have severe consequences – from fines and blocking your investment to criminal penalties.Proper legal preparation in environmental terms is essential for the success of your undertaking.

  • What do we do?
    • We support waste collecting, recycling and processing companies and waste recovery organizations  – we participated in establishing the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Environmental Protection (OIGOS), which brings together companies from these industries.
    • We provide representation before public administration bodies such as environmental authorities and/or administrative courts, in various environment protection and waste management proceedings, including:
      1. proceedings for obtaining environmental decisions such as specification of environmental conditions, environmental authorisation, including integrated permits, 
      2. proceedings for the imposition of product charges,
      3. proceedings for removal of trees and bushings,
      4. proceedings for notification of equipment and installations,
      5. proceedings in matters relating to the Waste Database,
      6. proceedings for obtaining a valid interpretation of waste management provisions.
    • We represent Clients before common courts and arbitration courts, in civil proceedings for environmental damages, for limiting the use of real estate in connection with environmental protection and establishing areas of limited use, as well as in cases concerning defects and failures of technological lines for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.
    • We represent Clients in criminal proceedings, including the proceedings in economic criminal law, in environmental crime cases, especially ones based on specific laws on waste management.
    • We provide comprehensive support for the investment process related to the acquisition, deployment and commissioning of installations for waste recovery or recycling.
    • We draft opinions on investment plans in the field of renewable energy, including wind energy, in terms of their compliance with Polish law and EU law.
    • We monitor changes in environmental law, especially EU and international regulations. We help our customers adapt their business to the requirements that are due to enter into force in the near future and recommend the best solutions.
  • Cooperation benefits

    The aid of our environmental law experts will enable you to seamlessly carry out various projects  – from waste treatment and renewable energy activities, to the implementation of construction projects, to the lawful removal of trees from the property without risking the severe consequences of taking actions without the required permits. 

    Clients may also seek our help to receive compensation for their rights to use their real property being diminished due to environmental or nature conservation projects. They can also count on our support regarding damages for the loss suffered due to the violation of environmental law by other entities. 

    Each and every case is carefully examined by us on an individual basis.

    Nowadays, environmental law should be considered a potential element of any undertaking. Our professional support will enable the smooth implementation of your business goals in compliance with the applicable laws.

  • Why should you choose us?
    • We offer a comprehensive and strategic approach.
    • We respond quickly and maintain ongoing contact.
    • We have an in-depth knowledge of the sectors governed by environmental law.
    • We provide an integrated assistance in environmental matters and other legal aspects of your undertaking (such as real estate law, civil disputes, brand protection) – within our law firm we are able to create a multi-disciplinary team of experts from various departments.
    • Our solutions are proven and effective.