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About the specialisation

For years, we have advised our clients on projects related to all types of video games, including mobile games.

Since the very beginning of the e-sports market in Poland, we have been taking an active part in its development, including by supporting the activities of the Polish E-sports League.

We provide services for all types of players in the gaming value chain, including developers, publishers, investors, streamers/influencers, team owners, organisers of e-sports competitions and sponsors.

For entities operating in the gaming sector, we provide comprehensive legal and tax services, including:

  • game production contracts (development, publishing, team member contracts, etc.);
  • investment contracts;
  • e-sports contracts (organisation of events, sponsorship contracts, contracts with teams, etc.);
  • intellectual property rights (IPR);
  • tax law (e.g. 50% tax-deductible costs for authors, IP Box);
  • business development funding;
  • M&A transactions.
Why you should work with us

We solve the problems faced by developers, publishers, investors, streamers/influencers/youtubers, professional gamers, team owners, as well as organisers of e-sports competitions, sponsors and other gaming market participants.

Find out what services we offer:

Are you entering the market?

  • we will help you set up your company and decide on company rules
  • we offer support in terms of fund-raising (including crowdfunding)
  • we will develop for you a comprehensive data protection policy taking into account the planned nature and scope of business


Are you planning to invest in the game development industry?

  • we will identify issues that are important in the pre-contract phase
  • we will develop for you a dedicated investment contract
  • we will prepare for you the necessary M&A transaction documentation


Do you want to ensure a stable framework for the team’s work?

  • we will draw up for you work regulations, including remote working rules
  • we will develop for you model B2B contracts
  • we will verify employment possibilities
  • we will help you resolve labour disputes
  • we will provide support in issues related to employing foreign staff
  • we will provide support in the implementation of tax benefits for the creative industries, including the 50% tax-deductible cost relief


Do you want to protect your interests in intellectual property (IP)?

  • we will develop for you an intellectual property management policy
  • we will conduct for you in-house training
  • we will adapt your IP rights assignment contracts
  • we will verify or prepare the necessary licence contracts (including international ones)
  • we will assess the possibilities for protection
  • we will analyse the distinctive character of a trade mark
  • we will monitor and challenge cases of reported contested trade marks
  • we will identify the consequences and risks of using other people’s property (e.g. image), with and without their consent
  • we will advise you on how to prepare for IP expansion


Are you wondering what content is acceptable in a game?

  • we will examine the risks of introducing specific content into your game
  • we will analyse the legal status of materials and data


Are you not sure what issues to include in your contract with the publisher/studio?

  • we will identify the aspects that need to be regulated by the parties
  • we will suggest provisions that ensure fair distribution of contractual risks
  • we will accompany you during the negotiations
  • we will develop for you comprehensive documentation



Are you going to make your game available online?

  • we will identify the nature of your business and the associated responsibilities and risks
  • we will draw up rules and regulations for the provision of digital services and/or access to digital content
  • we will create for you a dedicated privacy policy
  • we will provide ongoing support in the area of personal data, especially for games or community-based services


Are you involved in the e-sports sector?

  • we will help you organise your games and tournaments, providing legal support in every aspect of the project (including drawing up the rules of the tournament, contracts with game publishers and advertising agencies) also with a view to properly securing intellectual property rights connected with the organisation and broadcasting of the games
  • we will ensure regulatory compliance in terms of competition rules, prizes, their nature and value, as well as the rules for awarding them
  • we will analyse existing contracts with the organisation/player or draw up new ones
  • we will draw up sponsorship contracts for a player/e-sports team or a specific event


Are you a content creator?

  • we will provide you with the tools to independently assess the acceptability of including specific material in your content
  • we will provide support in disputes with third parties, platform operators or platform users


Are you planning to advertise your game?

  • we will audit the legality of promotional messages
  • we will verify the risks associated with a specific communication from a consumer perspective (in particular, the compliance of the digital good with the contract)
  • we will consult with you on the wording of contracts with external agencies


Are you a service user or an influencer?

  • we will advise you on how to mark your messages to avoid penalties and liability
  • we will assist you in contacts with market regulators (e.g. UOKiK)


Are you in a dispute with a team member, business partner or other market participant?

  • we will assess the validity of the position and the procedural opportunities
  • we will prepare a case strategy
  • we will represent you in the proceedings


Do you have other concerns and want to be prepared in case of possible risks?

  • we will perform for you a general audit of a specific area of your business
  • we will check that your business goals comply with competition law
  • we will provide you with dedicated training
  • we will develop relevant material for internal use


Do you have a different problem or need more comprehensive support? Contact us to find out what we can do for you.


Marcin Ręgorowicz

Attorney‑at‑lawManaging Associate

Dariusz Krzak

Attorney‑at‑lawSenior Associate

Maciej Majewski

Attorney‑at‑lawSenior Associate

Kaja Seń

Trainee attorney‑at‑lawAssociate

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