Innovative projects (R&D)

  • About this practice area

    Effective legal support for innovative projects requires an approach that is innovative, too. Our team is well aware of the fact that the Clients who introduce innovations face a unique opportunity for development. However, the latter depends on the project being properly secured in legal terms already at the stage when intellectual property rights are created and at the later stages when such rights are traded. 

    We support our Clients from the conception of the project idea to its successful implementation. For example, we work with entrepreneurs that carry out research and development and implement innovative projects which are self-financed or supported by public funds. We also assist seed and venture capital funds, start-ups, academic consortia, universities and R&D units.

    We are convinced that innovative projects are an important factor in the development of the Polish and international economy. Owing to our team’s expertise, we are in a position to provide practical support to entities which implement such projects. 

  • What do we do?

    • We offer counselling at the project preparation stage, including conducting a legal due diligence of technology, consultancy on conditions for obtaining state aid and analysis of the eligibility of expenditure before the application is submitted, as well as pre-incubation consultancy.
    • We support the project financing, e.g. we assist in entering into agreements with financial institutions and give advice on how to issue corporate bonds and how to obtain financing from private investors.
    • We provide assistance in carrying out the project, e.g. we draft agreements with R&D sector entities, we draft agreements for public procurement contracts required for the project implementation, we advise on the stage of implementation of construction investments and in the award of contracts in accordance with the principle of competition.
    • We help with legal matters concerning establishing business cooperation with the R&D sector, e.g. we support in contractual safeguarding of the relationship between universities and R&D units with entrepreneurs, we prepare the necessary documentation and offer consultancy on the consortium agreement.
    • We comprehensively support start-ups, e.g. we help choose the most suitable legal form of business, we draft all documentation, provide assistance in financing with private capital and handle corporate disputes between partners or between a partner and the company.

  • Cooperation benefits

    Innovative projects require a specific legal support. In this field, for any legal service to be effective and bring tangible results to the Client, an in-depth knowledge of at least a few branches of law is required. 

    Our Clients can be sure that they will receive very specific and comprehensive assistance. Our team specializes, for instance, in intellectual property law, commercial law and competition (state aid) law. Thanks to our far-reaching multidisciplinarity, we support innovative projects from their conception to funding to marketing of the innovation. We take over from you all the formalities that appear along the way and eliminate potential risks on an ongoing basis. All this enables our Clients to develop innovations, rather than have to focus on formalities.

    We believe in the power of science, idea and passion. We believe that innovation deserves legal service of the highest quality. 

  • Why should you choose us?

    • We offer professional assistance at every stage of innovative project.
    • We have experience in supporting both the R&D industry and entrepreneurs.
    • We develop partnership working and we are at your disposal whenever needed.
    • We provide our Clients with a sense of legal security and compliance with law.
    • We understand the business rationale of innovative projects and the specific character of start-ups.