The Internet and media

About this practice area

The internet and media have become part and parcel of our everyday lives. Big data, AI, IoT, machine learning, blockchain, and for instance gaming are indispensable in the flow of information in the modern world, and consequently require an innovative approach to legal services.

We provide expert advice to website owners, video game producers and developers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and other entities in the world of electronic media. We also advise Clients who need legal assistance with regard to legacy media. We provide both local and cross-border legal services, tailoring the proposed measures to the Client’s needs. Our actions go beyond conventional thinking – we devote as much time to case analysis as needed. At the same time, we have established a reputation for being open to developing and implementing bold and innovative strategies.

We believe that providing legal services to Clients operating in electronic media requires more than just analyzing the regulations and representing Clients in court. We also provide an innovative approach, a deep understanding of the specific media activities, and readiness to embrace constant change.

The legal service we provide is exactly what the creative entrepreneur with diverse requirements needs. 

What we do?
  • We provide comprehensive services to entities dealing with flow of information on the Internet, especially web portals and websites, as well as content and digital service providers.
  • We also provide services to entities in the e-sport and game industries – players, influencers, online streamers, video game producers and developers, gaming agencies, and e-sports tournament organizers.
  • We provide professional support to e-commerce, including in particular drafting the necessary documentation and handling agreements regarding digital content.
  • We conduct proceedings before courts and public administration bodies concerning the protection of personality rights, new technologies law, and intellectual property rights.
Cooperation benefits

We believe that the services provided to electronic media enterprises need to bemultifaceted. We ensure that our Clients receive help across various areas of law. We assistance with issues concerning intellectual property, IT and new technologies, consumer protection, data protection, or combating unfair competition.

The fact that our assistance can extend beyond Poland is also a considerable advantage. Unlike other law firms in Poland, we work across borders. Thanks to our activities in the shared services center, we provide interdisciplinary support and support on substantive  issues to Clients in Poland and 18 jurisdictions in Central and Eastern Europe (Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, and Malta).

We understand perfectly how electronic media operate. We efficiently combine our know-how across various areas of law to provide our Clients with the most effective assistance possible.

Why choose us?
  • We are not afraid to implement innovative legal solutions.
  • We have gained hands-on experience working for web portals, the game and e-sports industry, influencers, legacy media (press, radio, television) and e-commerce in its broadest sense.
  • We understand how electronic media work.
  • We have extensive experience in court proceedings.
  • We provide a practical approach and are highly motivated.


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05 Oct 2023

The Digital Services Act (DSA) and combating disinformation – 10 key takeaways

The scale of online disinformation is widely considered to be one of the most important challenges in terms of providing users with a “safe, predictable, and trusted online environment”.

13 Sep 2023

Penalties for trash-streaming – legislation to combat harmful content online

Measures are being taken in Poland to pass legislation regulating influencer marketing. The first major step in this direction was measures by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection to address the labeling of advertising content by influencers.

07 Jun 2023

Forthcoming changes regarding online advertising

The EU Digital Services Act (DSA) came into effect on 16 November, 2022. While some provisions in the DSA have already taken effect, it will apply in full from 17 February, 2024. The DSA has understandably been termed the new Constitution of the Internet. This is certainly one of the most important pieces of legislation concerning broad Internet law to have been enacted in the last twenty years. The DSA revisits a number of issues, including how online advertising is conducted.

14 Apr 2023

Social Media Platforms - Challenges for Democracy, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights

We recommend the all-embracing guide Social Media Platforms and Challenges for Democracy, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights, commissioned by the European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs (LIBE Committee).

09 Mar 2023

Revolution on the broadcasting market in Poland

Politicians in government circles have recently proposed a bill amending the Broadcasting Act, dubbed publicly the  “Lex Pilot”. The reason for this is that the Polish government wishes to decide by itself, and impose without consulting market players, the positioning of certain channels on the EPG in each television operator. Interestingly, the channels given priority would be solely the channels of the public (state) broadcaster  (TVP).

12 Jan 2023

New technologies law – the most important legislative developments in 2023 in EU and Poland

Work is currently underway in Poland and the EU on more than fifty legislative acts that constitute the sources of new technologies law. A list of the most important of these acts is given below, divided into particular subject areas within new technologies (cybersecurity, e-privacy, e-commerce, innovation, Internet, telecommunications, intellectual property, and data management).

29 Dec 2022

New rights and obligations related to the supply of digital content or services in Poland

On 1 January 2023, new legislation implementing the Digital Directive will come into force, which will significantly affect the rules for the supply of digital content or services in Poland. This article identifies in general terms the most important changes to the rights and obligations of suppliers of digital content/services and bodies to whom such content or services will be supplied.

27 Dec 2022

Digital Services Act - the legal status of implementation in Poland

On October 19, 2022, one of the most important pieces of Internet legislation in the last two decades, the Digital Services Act, was passed. The DSA went into effect on November 16, 2022. The vast majority of its provisions will be effective as of February 17, 2024 (Article 93(2)). The implementation of the DSA will require European Union countries to enact legislation that defines the competencies of bodies that act as Digital Services Coordinators, responsible for overseeing the enforcement of the DSA (Article 49).

14 Dec 2022

Possible changes to digital consumer services law

Does EU consumer law need to be strengthened with regard to digital goods and services?

26 Sep 2022

UOKiK President Recommendations on labeling advertising content on social media

This is the first document of this kind to be published by a regulator in Poland!

The document is intended to provide general rules on labeling advertising content on social media, with practical examples. The Recommendations are intended to help influencers, advertising agencies, and advertisers in their daily activities.

21 Sep 2022

The standpoint of the National Broadcasting Council on pick-and-pay services

In August this year, the National Broadcasting Council released a statement of its standpoint on a la carte (pick-and-pay) services. The standpoint has had an important impact on the operations of broadcasters and television providers (cable providers, satellite platform operators, IPTV providers, or also OTT platform operators).

What is a la carte (pick-and-pay)? 

04 Jul 2022

TKP advises T-Mobile on introducing online TV streaming

Our sincere congratulations to T-Mobile Polska for the launch of their new telecommunications service range. T-Mobile Polska will provide an online television streaming service with 130 channels. This is an innovative project, as the standard IPTV model will be enhanced by OTT.