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About this practice area

We specialize in Polish and European employment and social security law, advising on all aspects and providing top quality advice on the material issues. The firm advises the largest companies in Poland and is retained to assist with the most difficult employment law issues. The fact that BKB’s clients include the best Polish and international law firms and that our lawyers have produced a range of opinions on employment law for the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy is testimony to BKB’s excellent performance in handling the substantive issues. We always provide advice of the highest standard, and place special emphasis on assisting with client projects by every possible means. The firm strives to accommodate clients’ wishes and ensure that they are satisfied with the results. Whether it is question of day-to-day operations or a labor dispute, this issue should be entrusted to the experts to ensure that every employer operates properly.

What we do
  • we assist with management of human capital in an employer’s day-to-day operations,
  • we specialize in compliance issues,
  • we draft employee documentation,
  • we draft and coordinate implementation of an employment establishment’s policies such as employment by-laws and codes of conduct,
  • we provide training for employers on the subjects of their choice,
  • we handle all aspects of court proceedings,
  • we handle all aspects of proceedings before any public authorities, in particular the State Labor Inspectorate, Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) or Health Inspector.
Cooperation benefits

Almost any kind of business involves hiring staff. People are employed to strengthen a firm’s position on the market on a daily basis. Nonetheless, employment and ongoing handling of employment relationship issues involves a number of formalities that the HR department is not always able to deal with. Long-term advisory eliminates the increasing likelihood that a labor dispute will arise and put the employer at the risk of significant financial costs when compensation has to be paid.

In addition to the financial losses, if human resources issues are not dealt with comprehensively, this can harm an employer’s prestige. The professional legal services we provide strengthen financial security and market image by guaranteeing that the company’s interests are fully protected.

When a dispute arises with an employee in court or before a public authority, we can also provide all-embracing representation. We have a long track record of representing clients before common and administrative courts, the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Administrative Court.

The hundreds of cases that we have brought to a favorable conclusion for our clients confirm our position as a leading firm on the Polish employment law services market.

We are retained by businesses in a multitude of sectors, and assist any business regardless of the sector in which it operates.

Why choose us?
  • we have a long track record in advising employers,
  • we have obtained favorable outcomes for clients in hundreds of court cases,
  • we have developed know-how on an international level through academic and professional activities,
  • we work with prestigious law firms in Poland and around the world,
  • continuous and ongoing contact with the lead lawyer,
  • full accountability for the proposed solutions.