Payment backlogs

About this practice area

Observing applicable time limits in commerce is important not only be-cause it helps forge good business relationships and preserve a firm’s image as a trustworthy business enterprise. Under current laws, which have been tightened up in recent years, specific commercial standards and disclosure obligations apply. These laws provide for specific remedies for creditors and severe administrative penalties if violated.  Our team provides a full range of legal services for businesses, giving them an assurance of legal compliance.

We are experienced in advising firms in both the private and the public sector, in various industries such as FMCG and the fuel, power, publishing, and infrastructure industries. We appreciate that each kind of activity is specific in nature, and so we always look for a solution suited to a particular client’s needs, making sure it is commercially legitimate and reflects market requirements. We provide services for capital groups and smaller market players as well.

What we do?
  • We review agreements for compliance with the Act on Payment Backlogs;
  • We advise large businesses on compliance with the obligation to identify and verify the status of business counterparties;
  • We assist businesses in cases before the President of UOKiK – helping to draw up responses to demands for disclosure of information, prepar-ing standpoints, and representing businesses as the case proceeds;
  • We attend inspections conducted on an enterprise’s premises, pro-viding support for clients when UOKiK officials perform their duties;
  • We draft the legal opinions needed in a particular situation, including for instance disputes under private law;
  • We can provide customized, practical training sessions for manage-ment, in-house lawyers, and finance department, debt recovery, and sales personnel on the major payment backlog regulations from a business perspective;
  • We review the premises on which annual reports are based concerning the payment deadlines applied in commercial transactions;
  • We constantly monitor legislative developments and the actions of authorities responsible for enforcing payment backlog regulations.
Cooperation benefits

We provide a full range of services relating to payment backlogs, and expert knowledge that is continually being updated. We also have vast know-how on implementing the best standards for commercial transactions. We take an individual approach to each client, and consider their needs and options from a broad perspective. This enables us to identify the legal risks of which a business might not even be aware, to provide creative solutions to mitigate those risks.

Why choose us?
  • We demonstrate a practical approach which incorporates an un-derstanding of business needs of clients in a multitude of sectors;
  • We pride ourselves on an excellent knowledge of the substantive aspects of the law and the specifics of how they apply in com-mercial practice;
  • We have the know-how necessary to devise out-of-the-box solutions;
  • We demonstrate an interdisciplinary approach to an assignment according to the client’s needs;
  • We are constantly available and can assist quickly in emergencies.


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