Public information, open data and safeguarding secrecy

About this practice area

In a data-based society, the increasingly important rights and obligations with regard to information are provided for in many and varied laws and regulations. The combined application of various legal standards is required in order to solve problems concerning the collection and sharing of information. Therefore, we provide services related to various legal obligations to maintain the confidentiality of information and the rights of access and use of information.

We advise our Clients on three key areas:

  • openness and access to public information,
  • opening of data and re-use of public sector information,
  • legally protected secrets.

What sets us apart is our extensive experience both in creating internal regulations on protection and access to information and in assisting in disputes concerning the processing of requests for public information and the re-use of public sector information (PSI). We also advise on the principles of legal protection of secrets (e.g. insurance secrecy, banking secrecy), and classified and business information.

Such a breadth knowledge enables us to provide our Clients with sub-stantial assistance and instant necessary support.

What we do?

With regard to openness and access to public information, we represent our Clients in various disputes, including those before administrative courts. We draw up a company’s internal regulations on obligations to ensure openness and access to information. We draft expert analyses and opinions on application of the regulations on publicity and access to information, evaluate standardized pages of the Public Information Bulletin (Biuletyn Informacji Publicznej – BIP), and provide training and consultation on a daily basis.

With regard to availability of data and re-use of public sector information (PSI)  – we draw up analyses for entrepreneurs related to the economic use of PSI, determine the scope of regulations on the re-use of PSI for entities in the public finance sector, develop and evaluate licenses for the use of PSI, prepare and review public records submitted to the BIP and other systems of unified public records online, and represent our Clients in individual application procedures.

With regard to legally protected secrets – we draft analyses, opinions and strategies for conducting sales and marketing activities within holding companies, advise on safeguarding business secrecy, draw up declarations or agreements of confidentiality and, if necessary, deter-mine the scope of limitations to the right of access to information due to the need to protect legally protected secrets.

Cooperation benefits

We offer expert help in matters concerning access to public informa-tion, and re-use and protection of information, which enhances overall legal security. By coming to us, our private Clients, companies or public finance sector entities ensure compliance with the law and capitalize on the opportunities provided by current legislation.

Our team of lawyers provides immediate and effective support. We approach the cases entrusted to us from all angles and we fully un-derstand their unique character. Analyses, opinions, or actions that we implement are preceded by an in-depth investigation.

Three key areas, a team of experts and a wealth of ever-expanding knowledge. Unlike other law firms in Poland, we have singled out ac-cess to public information as a separate practice area, which allows us to explore the issue in great detail.

Entrusting our experts with issues concerning access to public in-formation pays off.

Why choose us?
  • We offer an approach tailored to our Client’s needs.
  • If necessary, we can provide immediate emergency consultation.
  • We have a team of experienced and committed experts.
  • We provide a detailed analysis of all legal options available to our Clients.
  • We take an integrated approach, combining knowledge across a wide spectrum of areas of law, proves useful in cases concerning the exercise of information rights.


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