Public information, open data and safeguarding secrecy

  • What we do?

    • We draft, review and negotiate contracts regarding the use of intellectual property rights and trading in such rights (including in particular copyrighted literary, scientific, musical, and audiovisual works, computer software and video games, artistic performances, phonograms, videograms and other items protectable by related rights).
    • We conduct audits of the existing intellectual property assets and the level of their protection within companies and public entities.
    • We draw up legal opinions on specific issues arising from the application of copyright law in practice.
    • Thanks to our expert opinions, we are at the vanguard of legislative developments in this area.
    • We provide legal advice on an ongoing basis, which helps our Clients take quick business decisions in matters of copyright.
    • We represent our Clients in court disputes at every stage of the proceedings and at all court levels, and also before the Constitutional Tribunal and Court of Justice of the European Union.
    • We organize training and workshops on copyright law, press law and new technologies law.

  • About this practice area

    In a data-based society, the increasingly important rights and obligations with regard to information are provided for in many and varied laws and regulations. The combined application of various legal standards is required in order to solve problems concerning the collection and sharing of information. Therefore, we provide services related to various legal obligations to maintain the confidentiality of information and the rights of access and use of information. 

    We advise our Clients on three key areas: 

    • openness and access to public information, 
    • opening of data and re-use of public sector information, 
    • legally protected secrets. 

    What sets us apart is our extensive experience both in creating internal regulations on protection and access to information and in assisting in disputes concerning the processing of requests for public information and the re-use of public sector information (PSI). We also advise on the principles of legal protection of secrets (e.g. insurance secrecy, banking secrecy), and classified and business information. 

    Such a breadth knowledge enables us to provide our Clients with substantial assistance and instant necessary support.