• About this practice area

    Telecommunications law has been one of our key practice areas for years. We have been accompanying our Clients from the telecommunications sector since its birth in the modern, free market Polish economy. We have supported the largest Polish telecommunications operators in building their current position. 

    We are constantly at the core of the evolution and transformation processes in the telecommunications market. We advise companies of all sizes on their responsibilities stemming from telecommunications law, including their obligations toward service users and the regulator as well as concerning the provision of telecommunication networks and telecommunications services. We also support the implementation works with regard to the EU acts on the establishing of the Digital Single Market, including the European Electronic Communications Code Directive (EECC), a fundamental act in the ongoing transformation of the telecommunications market.

    We also work with companies whose core business activity other than telecommunications but which may find themselves affected or regulated by the telecommunications law, especially the new electronic communications law introduced by the EECC.   

    We have been serving the telecommunications sector companies for years and we are not slowing down. We always offer our Clients specific proposals of action tailored to their individual needs.

  • What do we do?

    • We provide services in areas such as compliance with telecommunications operators’ responsibilities, especially information obligations, with regard to the regulatory authority and/or service users.
    • We support our Clients in matters related to access to infrastructure.
    • We advise on consumer law issues, especially those related to contracts with consumers and consumer protection.
    • We work with customers who invest in and/or construct very high capacity networks (5G).
    • We support companies whose main activity is other than telecommunications with regard to the registration as telecommunications operators, information obligations, access to telecommunications infrastructure or protection of service users.

  • Cooperation benefits

    Regulations governing the telecommunications industry, whether directly or indirectly, are changing rapidly. Constant modifications and amendments, combined with the increasing number of legislative acts and the activity of regulatory authorities, mean that telecommunications companies must declare readiness to embrace the change. We take this burdensome obligation off our Clients’ and we make sure that they comply with all the requirements not only those concerning telecommunications law.

    We are aware that the needs of telecommunications companies are very complex. Therefore, a multi-disciplinary team of experts in this practice area provides support in environmental protection, data protection, cybersecurity, public procurement law, consumer protection and other legal fields associated with the telecommunications sector. We also work on a permanent basis with several consulting companies to provide our Clients with technology assistance, as well.

    We fully comprehend the legal challenges faced by the telecommunications sector entities. Not only can we solve problems effectively, but we can also provide our Clients with a simple and straightforward explanation regarding the implemented solutions.

  • Why should you choose us?

    • We ensure our availability throughout cooperation with our Clients and we swiftly respond to their needs.
    • We have many years of experience in the area of telecommunications law and we take pride in our numerous successes and distinctions, especially in prestigious rankings, such as: The Legal 500 and Chambers Europe in the TMT category in 2020 and previous years.
    • We provide comprehensive legal support in the area of regulations, tailored to the infrastructure of our Clients’ telecommunications solutions.
    • We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to legal issues regardless of their complexity.
    • We truly understand the needs of our Clients in the telecommunications sector.