Audiovisual industry, press, publishers

Film production is a multi-stage process, involving substantial financing and state-of-the-art equipment as well as a large cast and crew. The final effect is only a discrete stage in the entire filmmaking process. Owing to its byzantine character and grand scale, investing in film production can be increasingly risky. Thanks to our wealth of experience, we are well-positioned not only to settle all the tiniest legal issues in a way which benefits our Clients, but also to anticipate potential risks. We offer in advance the most efficient solutions to ensure the seamless commercial exploitation of a film in the future.

The press is synonymous with information. We live in an information technology society and information is one of our greatest values and key resources. Online tools have affected the way entities from this sector compete with one another to reach the widest audiences in the shortest time possible. The way journalists work has changed. Instead of scouring the streets to find a news item, journalists are scouring the Internet today. Our Law Firm is well aware of these changes and is more than ready to face new legal challenges.

The traditional written media are increasingly taking the digital form. Many readers consider the smell of a new book something that cannot be replaced with anything, but for the sake of convenience, they choose an e-book or an audiobook instead. Nowadays, publishers need to take into account complex legal issues arising from the pervasive Internet technologies, easily available tools for copying and reproducing content, or film adaptations of bestselling books. We suit the action to the word and we perfectly understand the needs of this sector.

The widespread Internet technology has completely changed the way record labels operate. The existing strategies of producing and obtaining music have given way to new, rapidly emerging distribution channels. Thousands of individuals, once customers of music publishing companies, are becoming music producers. Digital technology facilitates new forms of creativity (e.g. sampling), which develop on an unprecedented scale and quickly turn into current trends. All this leads to the emergence of new legal rules in the game: ones that make it very easy get lost without the expert help. And we know how to play this game.