27 Jul 2020

Cooperation benefits

Regulations governing the telecommunications industry, whether directly or indirectly, are changing rapidly. Constant modifications and amendments, combined with the increasing number of legislative acts and the activity of regulatory authorities, mean that telecommunications companies must declare readiness to embrace the change. We relieve Clients of this burdensome obligation and make sure that they comply with all the requirements, not only those concerning telecommunications law. 

We are aware that the needs of telecommunications companies are very complex. Therefore, a multi-disciplinary team of experts in this practice area provides support in environmental protection, data protection, cybersecurity, public procurement law, consumer protection, and other legal fields associated with the telecommunications sector. We also work on a permanent basis with several consulting companies to provide our Clients with assistance in technology as well. 

We fully comprehend the legal challenges faced by telecommunications operators. Not only can we solve problems effectively, we can also provide our Clients with a straightforward explanation regarding the implemented solutions.