Joanna Jastrząb


In our law firm, Joanna is on the IT-Telco. Joanna provides legal advisory services related to the IT industry for clients and contractors from both public and private sectors. She participated in numerous projects that were aimed to prepare and negotiate IT contracts such as analytical, implementation, maintenance and licence projects. Her professional interests focus on broadly-understood new technologies law with special focus on cybersecurity issues – her experience includes support for entities designated as operators of key services and for digital service providers.

She has represented the law firm in several major implementations of comprehensive systems for 50% tax deductible costs for IT companies, as part of which she provided support in all phases, including with respect to the preparation of applications for tax rulings.

She is an expert on the Digital Administration Committee at the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications. As part of cooperation with the Chamber, she also conducts other projects, in particular regarding tax preferences (50% costs, IP Box).

Joanna is the author or co-author of articles in the press devoted to legal issues of IT and cybersecurity, including: Internal organization of structures responsible for cybersecurity (IT Professional, May 2020), Cybersecurity and public procurement (Public procurement, Advisor, March 2020) Outsourcing of security services (IT in Administration, April 2020) Telecommunications companies and the national cybersecurity system (MoP addition no. 21/2019), Agile Methodologies in public procurement (CRN, September 2017)

Joanna graduated with honours in law at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University.

She speaks English fluently.

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