Agreements for the Use of Software in a Computing Cloud

08 wrz 2020

On 9 September 2020, a training session “Agreements for the use of software in a computing cloud – challenges, risks and practical aspects of concluding and negotiating contracts on cloud computing”, organised by the Centrum Promocji Informatyki will be held in Warsaw.

The objective of the event is to comprehensively present the legal issues of computing cloud projects. The speakers will present the current body of judicial decisions issued by Polish and foreign courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union, cloud-relevant legal regulations, as well as the standpoints of regulatory bodies.

During the event, the following questions will be explored in detail:

  • What is the effect of regulations resulting from the GDPR on the possibility of using cloud solutions?
  • Do cybersecurity regulations create a barrier for the use of cloud solutions?
  • Are public entities to any extent limited in the use of cloud solutions?
  • What are the aspects worth verifying before concluding an agreement regarding the use of software in the cloud computing model SaaS?
  • Is it possible to negotiate agreements regarding the use of cloud solutions, and if so, what is worth negotiating?
  • What are the main legal risks resulting from the standard provisions of the terms & conditions for providing cloud services?
  • What should an agreement regarding the use of software in a computing cloud include?
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