1. Proposal for an Act on Employment of Foreigners

According to information provided by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the new regulations will be based on the same basic precepts relating to the access of foreigners to the Polish labor market. However, the proposal envisages some significant changes, including in particular:

  • the bill allows rectification or deletion from the register of declarations that are entered in error or redundant, of employment of foreigners;
  • the bill will abolish the prerequisite of the labor market test;
  • the bill will define the rules of electronic handling of processes related to the employment of foreigners.

2. New application form for a national visa

On 7 September 2022, a regulation of the Minister of the Interior and Administration introducing a new template for the application form for a national visa, came into force.

The template includes the option of foreigners who reside in Poland to submit applications to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

3. Amendment of the Law of Labor Unions

On September 14, 2022, the Committee on Digitalization, Innovation and Emerging Technologies considered a proposal by the Commission Bureau to take a legislative initiative to amend the Law on Trade Unions. According to emerging information, an amendment would be enacted requiring an employer to provide information on the parameters, rules and instructions on which artificial intelligence algorithms or systems are based which affect decision-making and which may affect working and pay conditions and access to employment and maintaining employment, including profiling.

4. The Ministry of Family and Social Policy plans to drop a provision allowing Russians to work in Poland on a simplified basis

According to a proposal published on the website of the Government Legislation Center, Russia is to be removed from the list of countries whose citizens are issued seasonal work permits on a preferential basis and to which the simplified procedure of declarations of the hiring of a foreigner may apply.

According to the proposed regulations, a citizen of the Russian Federation who is declared as hired as a foreigner in a declaration placed in the declaration register before the regulation takes effect, who works according to the conditions specified in the declaration, may continue to work for the validity period of the declaration.

The regulation is to enter into force on the day after it is announced.