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19 Jul 2024

Deregulation Act – changes for entrepreneurs

   The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology has presented a draft law on amending certain laws to deregulate economic and administrative law and to improve the rules for drafting economic law (“Deregulation Act”). The amendment provides for 50 solutions for entrepreneurs, which will be implemented in 35 acts. The Deregulation Act is supposed to facilitate doing business.          

18 Jul 2024

The future of public procurement in the context of the ongoing legislative work on the implementation of NIS 2

By 17 October this year, EU member states are required to implement the NIS 2 Directive, which changes the cybersecurity landscape in the European Union. Public administration bodies have been included as regulated entities, implying changes to public procurement law. The changes affect both the central and local government levels. 

16 Jul 2024

Family foundations only for singles? Controversial individual interpretations regarding disbursements from a family foundation established jointly by spouses

According to individual interpretations of 30 April 2024 issued by the Head of the National Tax Chamber, benefits paid from a family foundation to the founding spouses are subject to partial personal income tax (ref. 0112-KDIL2-1.4011.113.2024.2.JK and 0112-KDIL2-1.4011.114.2024.2.JK).

11 Jul 2024

IP Insights. Trademark refusal, opposition – what now?

Patent Office of the Republic of Poland has refused to register your mark as a trademark? A competitor has filed an opposition to your registration? Find out what you can do in such situations!

09 Jul 2024

A “game-changing” opinion from the CJEU’s Advocate General offers legal perspective on cheat software

In the world of gaming, the legality of various types of software used for cheating or “enhancing” the gaming experience (usually in the form of plug-ins) continues to be a topic of debate. In a recent legal opinion (delivered on 25 April, 2024, in case C‑159/23 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd vs Datel Design and Development Ltd, Datel Direct Ltd), Maciej Szpunar, Advocate General at the CJEU, stated that creating such plugins does not violate game developers’ copyright. This important clarification could also have a negative side effect, as it might encourage further innovation and investment in gaming “enhancements” and any other software facing similar legal issues, potentially impacting the entire IT industry.

08 Jul 2024

Work on the implementation of the Polish law transposing the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) into Polish legislation

On 18 April, the Polish government officially commenced work on a law implementing the provisions of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (hereinafter “DORA”) into the national (polish) legal system. The new regulation is primarily intended to bring the existing legislation in line with the principles introduced by DORA. The so-called sectoral laws relating to individual branches of the financial market, such as payments, banking, or insurance, will be amended.

05 Jul 2024

Valid reasons for not using trademarks

Trademarks may be cancelled if not used in a timely manner. However, there are exceptions. A trademark protection right can be retained despite even if the trademark in question is not used if there are compelling reasons to do so. Such reasons must be justified and demonstrated. Recently, the owner of the word mark “MOSTOSTAL” found out that simply waiting for the conclusion of licence agreements cannot qualify as an excusable reason.

04 Jul 2024

IP Insights. Copyright infringement.

When copyright infringement might occur, as well as its consequences? How to avoid illegal use of other people’s works and how to protect your own works from infringement?

03 Jul 2024

TKP Legal Newsletter 17/2024

We invite you to read the latest TKP newsletter. In the July edition, we present 11 articles from various fields of law, containing current and important information for legal practitioners, entrepreneurs, management personnel, and business development supporters. We are confident that the comprehensive coverage of our specialties will provide you with valuable business and legal knowledge.

02 Jul 2024


Another year of Traple Konarski Podrecki & Partners law firm in IP STARS ranking!

28 Jun 2024

Changes in food labelling

A ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court confirmed that the use of peel-off labels is, in principle, allowed and that there is no obligation to include all mandatory information on one top layer of the label. The use of several label layers will not lead to hiding mandatory information if the top label indicates where the remaining information can be found. Earlier, domestic interpretations ruled out such a possibility.

27 Jun 2024

IP Insights. What will block your trademark registration? Part 4 - Non-permitted elements

Registering a mark is not always simple and obvious! Especially if your sign contains elements of high religious, state, symbolic value. Want to know how to avoid the most common mistakes when registering a trademark? Read the latest IP Insights.

Our Law Firm has assembled teams of experts with capabilities to undertake the most ambitious business projects.

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