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03 Aug 2022

A legislative proposal to amend the Copyright Law and possible change in computer program licensing rules in the Polish IT sector

On 20 June 2022, the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage commenced public consultations on a proposal to amend the Copyright Law of 4 February 1994. The provisions being discussed are intended primarily to transpose Directive (EU) 2019/790 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 April 2019 on copyright and related […]

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01 Jun 2022

IT B2B sector contracts

Technological progress not only means that companies can provide new and better services; it has a major impact on the labor market in a sector without which there would be no progress – the IT sector. Due to public levies related to employment contracts (taxes and social security) in the Polish IT sector, it is […]

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18 Mar 2022

Special moment in history for development of artificial intelligence

As January came to an end, a parliamentary process began in the EU concerning the first regulatory framework proposal in history on artificial intelligence. The work gained momentum when further amendments were proposed, among other things to ease a range of provisions relating to high-risk AI system providers. Under the new regulations, the EU is […]

26 Oct 2021

Body leasing agreements in practice in the Polish IT sector

As it is difficult to find the right specialists on the market, body leasing is an increasingly popular means of finding qualified specialists for specific tasks. This is particularly true of the Polish IT sector. Meanwhile, due to this type of business relationship not being regulated specifically in Polish law, special care is required to […]

11 Oct 2021

Withholding tax on cloud computing services

Withholding tax is tax levied at a fixed rate on certain types of revenue generated in Poland by foreign firms, i.e. firms that do not have their registered seat or management board in Poland. This tax is paid by the Polish firms when they pay the fee. The question is whether the fee paid by […]

IT law |
03 Jun 2022

The implications of the Data Act for cloud computing agreements

A proposal was published in Q I 2022 for a European Parliament and Council regulation on harmonized rules on fair access to and use of data (Data Act) . Will the proposed Data Act affect cloud computing?

IT law |
05 Apr 2022

Legal issues regarding low-code/no-code programming solutions

Low-code/no-code platform solutions are currently one of the most rapidly growing IT market segments. As use of this model becomes more widespread, it is the cause of a range of challenges when drafting agreements for implementation or maintenance of systems, and this is due to the specific nature of this approach to constructing software. The […]

IT law |
22 Dec 2021

Current developments regarding the Common State IT Infrastructure Program (WIIP)

The WIIP program has been operating since 2019, and to date a number of steps have been completed in the program, including introduction of the Cloud Service Provision System (ZUCH), or for example the drafting of the Cloud Cybersecurity Standards. What are the current developments regarding the program? Is the WIIP program applicable to commercial suppliers?

20 Oct 2021

Polish hub of the European initiative Gaia-X launched in Poland

A hub of the European cloud computing technology development project Gaia-X was launched in Poland on 2 September on the second day of the CYBERSEC 2021 conference held in Krynica Zdrój. The Polish arm is to work on developing efficient, competitive and secure data infrastructure in hybrid cloud computing. In Poland, the project is overseen […]

IT law |
29 Jun 2021

Polish Public Procurement Office issues new guidelines on public tenders for IT systems

While public tenders for IT systems are a major part of the public tender market in Poland, the drafting of the relevant tender documentation for conducting procedures of this kind continues to be a source of many problems for contracting authorities. More than ten years ago, in 2009, the President of the Polish Public Procurement […]