13 Oct 2021

New guidelines issued by the President of the Polish Public Procurement Office on tenders for computers for use by contracting authorities

The Polish Public Procurement Office (UZP) has published UZP President guidelines on awarding public contracts for supply of computers. This is a document of technical nature, containing practical tips on drafting documentation in tenders for supply of various types of computers (desk-top computers, portable computers, all-in-one computers, etc.). The document does not form part of […]

02 Jul 2021

Can a court put conclusion of an agreement by a contracting authority on hold pending review of a complaint contesting a National Appeals Chamber ruling?

In Poland, filing a complaint with the KIO concerning the outcome of a tender or the wording of tender documentation (the first instance) is the principal legal remedy. Under the Public Procurement Law of 11 September 2019, a KIO ruling can be contested before the Warsaw Public Procurement Court (second instance). A complaint is not […]