28 May 2022

Biofuel certification under the ISCC EU scheme

On 13.04.2022, Commission Implementing Decision 2022/602 (EU) came into force, approving the ISCC EU scheme. This means that in the meaning of the Act on Biocomponents and Liquid Biofuels, the ISCC EU is a recognized certification scheme that guarantees that biocomponents used in liquid fuel production conform to sustainability criteria.

24 Mar 2022

Electronic Sport – legal framework in Poland

The Polish e-sports market is considered one of the most dynamic in Europe, and Polish players and teams have won the biggest tournaments in the world (e.g. in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). Electronic Sport in the Polish Sports Act The Polish legislature has expressly allowed intellectual games to be classified as “sport” in the legal […]

01 Jun 2021

Restrictions on business activity under COVID-19 rules in Poland

In recent months, many administrative court rulings have been issued which undermine the grounds for legal actions against businesses operating in breach of COVID-19 rules adopted by the government. These rulings, such as a judgment of the Voivodship Administrative Court in Kraków of 12 April, 2021, III SA/Kr 1307/20, usually state that there were no […]

29 Mar 2022

Tax treatment of IT sector workers – the Polish Deal (Polski Ład) package

A large-scale tax reform took effect as of 1 January 2022, named the Polish Deal by the Polish government. Primarily, the aim of the amendment was to increase the tax burden on the middle and upper classes, but the package also contains notable provisions that affect tax treatment of IT sector workers. In practice, in […]

25 Jun 2021

Notice & take action procedure in the proposal for the Digital Services Act

The regulation on a single digital services market is certainly the most important legislative development affecting the Internet in the last 20 years. One of the main expectations with respect to this initiative was complete regulation of the procedure for reporting and taking down unlawful content in a manner ensuring that a balance is maintained […]