GDPR Congress – Personal Data Protection reform – first experiences

23 Oct 2018
On 23 October 2018 we invite you to participate in the 2nd edition of the GDPR Congress, the organiser of which is Wolters Kluwer. The objective of the Congress is to discuss practical effects of the European Union’s GDPR Regulation and the new Polish act.  Participants will have a chance to find out how the new regulations have been applied in practice over the first months, what problems people had to face while implementing the new responsibilities in companies, public institutions, law firms, as well as what challenges are anticipated in the next months. The meeting was based on Case Studies which made it possible to present good practices to the participants suited for a given sector of the market in which they operate. We are pleased to announce that Xawery Konarski, Attorney-at-Law – Senior Partner managing the TMT practice in our Law Firm, will give a lecture entitled “Managing Requests of Natural Persons in Practice.” Xawery Konarski, Attorney-at-Law, is also a member of the Programme Board of the Congress.