Industrial Property Law

  • Why choose us?
    • We can provide continued support from patent attorneys and attorneys at law. 
    • We have an in-depth understanding of the essence and role of the brand, our Clients’ needs, and the market. 
    • We ensure continuous liaison with marketing departments and immediate legal support. 
    • We co-ordinate proceedings in domestic and foreign courts. 
    • We are able to provide additional assistance from experts in industrial property rights valuation, design, technological solutions, and sociology, as well as with consumer research organizations and PR agencies. 
  • Cooperation benefits

    Despite being intangible, intellectual property rights are an extremely valuable asset of a company. Expert support helps to provide effective protection and at the same time – to minimize the risk of infringement.  

    What distinguishes us from other law firms is our extensive knowledge of industrial property law and an in-depth understanding of the market. A brand is a crucial element of corporate communication. We know how important it is to have in place a viable and successful strategy for protecting a brand – not only in legal terms, but also taking into account the corporate image and PR. 

    Our experts will provide effective protection for industrial and intellectual property rights, and thus maintain the good reputation and recognition of your company.  

    It takes years to build a brand. Using the services of an experienced law firm demonstrates the companys sense of responsibility and care for the brand. 

  • What we do?
    • We conduct audits of industrial property rights. 
    • We develop a strategy for the protection of industrial property rights – from manufacture to launching a product on the market, and further modifications. 
    • We ensure protection of specific industrial property rights in Poland, the EU and worldwide. 
    • We handle proceedings before arbitration tribunals or common courts concerning internet domain names. 
    • We provide protection against appropriation of internet domain names (cybersquatting). 
    • We handle disputes concerning protection granted for patents, industrial designs, utility models and trademarks. 
    • We handle copyright disputes regarding software, literary and musical works, works of applied arts (interior design, furniture, and architectural design), trademarks, and commercial packaging. 
    • We represent Clients before the Court of EU Trade Marks and Industrial Designs. 
    • We represent Clients in administrative and judicial proceedings concerning the registration and maintenance of industrial property rights and conflicts between such rights in Poland and worldwide (including representation before the European Union Intellectual Property Office). 
    • We resolve disputes about the designation of own-label brands of retail chains, and handle unfair competition law cases regarding the protection of trademarks and external form of products, and of know-how and classified corporate information. 
  • About this practice area

    We have been effectively advising Clients on intellectual and industrial property law for over a decade and can truly call ourselves the leader in this field. 

    We work with Clients from Poland and elsewhere, providing them with comprehensive assistance at every stage of the proceedings. Where additional expertise is required, we make sure that Clients receive the support they need. In court proceedings we cooperate, for example, with experts in industrial property rights valuation, design, technological solutions, and sociology, as well as with consumer research organizations and PR agencies.  

    Not only do we help our Clients obtain protection of specific industrial property rights in Poland and worldwide, but we also represent them in all disputes. They can count on us for professional representation in judicial and administrative proceedings in Poland and elsewhere. We take care of all the formalities, and provide advice and assist quickly whenever a rapid response is needed. 

    Industrial and intellectual property law is one of our key practice areas. We know what to do and how to do it.