Tax law

  • Why choose us?
    • We offer a comprehensive, strategic approach to tax issues. 
    • We have vast expertise and experience in intellectual property law combined with tax matters. 
    • We provide customized legal and tax-related assistance tailored to your business activity. 
    • We always ensure that the proposed solutions are lawful and up to date. 
    • We offer consultancy services in Polish, English and German. 
  • Cooperation benefits

    Nowadays, taxes are more than just numbers and complex regulations. Matters such as technology transfer, R&D processes, commercialization, marketing, and the use of intellectual property rights are also of great importance. The Polish tax system seeks to reward innovation by providing for a number of tax preferences. In many cases, we can help our Clients benefit from such measures. We take care of the entire implementation process, and save Clients the trouble of dealing with the formalities. 

    What makes us stand out from other law firms is our vast experience in intellectual property law and innovative projects. We do not grope in the dark – we know what actions to propose so that a business will only benefit. At the same time, we constantly strive to minimize all risks. 

    Thanks to cooperation with our team, your company will always be up to date with the latest amendments in tax law. This can be very useful, including with regard to intellectual property rights. 

    Constant change is the only feature of the Polish tax system that is certain. With our expert support, such changes do not have to come as a unpleasant surprise. 

  • What we do?
    • We review contracts entered into and conduct tax impact audits. 
    • We provide advice on tax issues at the planning stage of activity and ongoing advice when the business is up and running. 
    • We implement a scheme of exemptions, tax breaks and tax preferences, in particular 50% of tax-deductible costs, R&D, and IP BOX tax reliefs. 
    • We prepare applications for tax rulings. 
    • We represent the taxpayer before the tax authorities and administrative courts. 
    • We help to reorganize the taxpayer’s business model in view of changes in the law. 
    • We assist with compliance with Mandatory Disclosure Rules (MDR). 
    • We provide training and workshops. 
  • About this practice area

    Tax rules change frequently, and more often than not they are complex and formed in a specific way. However, they have a real and tangible impact on business activities. Extremely fast technological development and the progressing digital transformation are among the particular challenges posed in this area. 

    In these circumstances, the safest solution for many companies is to rely on specialized services of a trusted law firm. We support individuals and other entities, regardless of their legal form of business activity. We also work with local government, employers’ associations, chambers of commerce, administrative bodies, and other public entities. 

    During the many years of our practice, we have had the opportunity to assist entrepreneurs from many different sectors. We understand perfectly that effective tax advice must be customized, taking into account the specificity and the situation of the company. We do not act in a superficial way. Our specialized team assists Clients even in extremely complex cases.