01 Aug 2022

The business judgement rule in an amendment to the Commercial Companies Code

One of the most extensive amendments to the Commercial Companies Code will be in effect by October. One forthcoming amendment causing much concern is a change to article 293 which introduces the statutory notion of the business judgement rule. This institution employed by lawmakers derives from the Anglo-Saxon system and is based on the assumption […]

09 Mar 2022

Provision of services for companies and trusts is now a regulated activity

The Polish parliament has approved an amendment to the AML Act[1], introducing a new type of regulated activity into the Polish legal system: provision of services for companies and trusts. The amendment passed by parliament in March 2021 to the AML Act expanded the range of regulated activities, i.e. business activity that can only be […]

09 Nov 2021

Registration in the National Court Register Business Register now digitized

As of 1 July 2021, an amendment to the National Court Register Act[1] took effect, aimed at reducing the level of bureaucracy involved in running a business in Poland. The amendment is the next step in the digitization of court registration procedures. It concerns registration procedures in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court […]

27 May 2022

Amendment of the Commercial Companies Code has been published

On 12 April, a bill amending the Commercial Companies Code[1]was published in the Polish Journal of Laws. The bill includes rules applicable for activities of holding companies, instruments strengthening the role of supervisory boards as well assimplifying the process of management of capital groups. The growth of the Polish market results in an increased focus […]

19 Dec 2021

Polish parliament working on the introduction of elements of holding company law

Legislative work is ongoing in the Sejm on a bill amending the Commercial Companies Code to introduce elements of holding company law into the Polish legal system. If the new rules are enacted, this could have a major effect on how companies in international capital grounds operate.

25 May 2021

De-materialization of shares in a joint-stock company

As of 1 March 2021, shareholders in joint-stock companies and limited joint-stock partnerships are no longer required to hold share documents embodying their corporate rights. De-materialization of shares constitutes a next step in the process of digitalization of commercial relationships and corporate governance in Poland. On 1 March 2021, an amendment to the Commercial Companies […]