Workshops: Trademark protection after changes in Polish and EU law

06 Jun 2018

On 7 June 2018, a workshop on “Trademark protection after changes in Polish and EU law” will be held in Warsaw.

The years 2016 and 2017 have brought significant changes in the field of trademark law. The changes concern all aspects of this area, starting from procedures related to obtaining the right to the mark, through changing the definition of trademark, to the scope of the protection itself. The experts coaching the session will present the scope of those changes as well as their practical consequences, which may have a bearing on every business. Moreover, 2018 will most likely bring further changes, primarily in the area of liability for violation of trademark rights.
The training should answer the following questions: What can be protected as trademark? Can a video or a GIF be a trademark? What actions can be considered as a violation of trademark rights? Who can be a potential infringer of trademark rights?

The training session will be hosted by Anna Sokołowska-Ławniczak, Patent Attorney and Aleksandra Młoczkowska, Patent Attorney.

The organiser of the meeting is Centrum Promocji Informatyki.