Combating counterfeit trade

About this practice area

For many years, we have been working with the largest and best-known brands, providing them with effective protection for their trademarks and products. This co-operation is inextricably entwined with combating trade in counterfeit goods. We fully understand how widespread the problem is, have the legal instruments to effectively eliminate it, and are more than familiar with the practical side of the Polish legal system. We focus only on the relevant issues so that the protective measures deliver the expected results. In addition, we liaise with the competent authorities to prosecute violations. In criminal proceedings, we help to strategically select the type of proceedings that are the most applicable to the specific situation of the Client.

We have worked with companies representing very different industries. We know from experience that regardless of industry or company size, effective protection of trademarks and products is possible. It is worth entrusting these issues to experts to protect your brand against financial losses and damage to your reputation.

What we do?
  • We handle a full range of proceedings before the customs authorities – from detaining of a consignment to destroying it.
  • We negotiate settlements with violators.
  • We coordinate customs proceedings EU-wide and provide training to customs officers.
  • We handle criminal proceedings before courts all over Poland and monitor the actions of the police and the prosecutor’s office to keep up to date with these authorities’ approach to trade mark counterfeiting.
  • We handle all the aspects of proceedings before civil courts in matters related to trade in counterfeit goods.
Cooperation benefits

Preventing and combating counterfeit trade demonstrates corporate responsibility. Trading in counterfeit goods may effectively hinder a company’s development and have an adverse effect on a reputation that has often taken years to build. Relying on our expert assistance early enough can effectively minimize this risk.

We provide our Clients with professional and multi-faceted assistance. We take care of all the formalities, including aspects relating to image. We have many years of experience in conducting proceedings before customs authorities all over the EU.

Our practitioners are well-versed in representing the Clients before courts. Our team of lawyers and patent attorneys has extensive procedural experience in the field of intellectual property law.

We know how to defend the violated rights of our Clients, and we do it very effectively.

Why choose us?
  • We have practical knowledge of the counterfeit goods market and the way it operates.
  • We offer expertise in intellectual and industrial property rights and other branches of law related to brand protection.
  • We can boast many years of experience in brand protection, including the luxury sector.
  • We are constantly available for consultation and to provide an update on the case.
  • We provide full accountability for the solutions implemented.


Beata Matusiewicz-Kulig

Attorney‑at‑lawCo‑Managing Partner

Małgorzata Kutaj

Attorney‑at‑lawTrainee attorney‑at‑lawManaging Associate

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