Competition and consumer protection law

  • Why should you choose us?
    • We guarantee reliable and comprehensive assistance, whatever the stage of the case. 
    • We ensure that the implemented solutions are lawful and up to date. 
    • We know how to use the existing legal instruments to achieve tangible results for your company. 
    • We provide rapid and professional support in crisis situations. 
    • We are well versed in various industries. 
    • We are constantly available for consultation and to provide an update on the case. 
  • Cooperation benefits

    It is common knowledge that businesspeople suffer from chronic lack of time. Constant support from an experienced law firm removes from an entrepreneur the burden of ensuring compliance of the company’s activities with the applicable regulations. It is also widely known that regulations in Poland keep changing… quite rapidly. The legal landscape you have been accustomed to can literally change overnight. We are constantly monitoring developments in competition law and case law on behalf of our Clients, and this means that the company is always up to date and ahead of its competitors.  

    The company can also benefit from swift identification of risks. This is particularly important in the case of abusive clauses. Such clauses can often be found in the terms and conditions of sales and electronic services. Not only do we identify them, but we also advise our Clients on how the wording can be replaced.  

    We focus not only on the intended final result, but also on safeguarding trade secrets. Our Clients successfully avoid heavy fines. Instead of paying fines, it is much more profitable to devote additional resources to the company’s development. 

    Using the services of our expert team is an investment that more than pays for itself. 

  • About this practice area

    Legal security is a primary objective for every enterprise. Meanwhile, whether enterprises achieve their goal depends to a large extent on whether they comply with competition and consumer protection regulations. Our primary objective, on the other hand, is to enable our Clients to run their business in the most convenient and seamless manner.  

    We efficiently combine theory with practice. We provide much more than just the necessary legal support. We perfectly understand the business and market environments in which our Clients operate. We assist with each stage – from case analysis, through drawing up the required documentation, to representation before the relevant authorities, where applicable. We have represented global and domestic leaders in the market for many years. We assist in proceedings before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK),the European Commission, and other authorities.  

    Our experience speaks for itself. In the course of our practice, we have handled hundreds of cases, drawn up thousands of procedural documents, and have successfully assisted Clients in numerous industries. You can trust our ever-expanding expertise. 

  • What we do?
    • We review distribution, franchise, and implementing agreements. 
    • We draft legal opinions required in a given situation. 
    • We review strategic and business plans related to mergers, R&D cooperation activities and deployment of new technologies, etc. 
    • We develop antitrust strategies in cases of abuse of a dominant market position. 
    • We draw up and review terms and conditions of online sales and electronic services. 
    • We examine advertising and monitor compliance of advertisements with consumer law. 
    • We advise on product compliance and safety, including in international matters. 
    • We represent our Clients in proceedings before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK), including cases concerning infringement of collective consumer interests. 
    • We also represent entrepreneurs in proceedings before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection. 
    • We organize hands-on training on how to deal with searches conducted by the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK). 
    • We assist in proper compliance with disclosure obligations towards consumers.