Maciej Majewski

Attorney-at-lawSenior Associate


Maciej practice focus is a broad range of intellectual property law and competition law issues, and he advises on cases vis-à-vis authorities and regarding litigation.

He is registered with the Kraków Bar Association. He completed his law degree with distinction at the  Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University, and wrote his master’s thesis on protection of investments in information products, for which he won an award in the XIV Patent Office competition for the best academic paper on intellectual property. He has authored academic articles and other publication on subjects relating to the law. His interests include in particular the legal aspects of the gaming industry.

He speaks fluent English (at C2 level).  

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12 Apr 2024

IP Insights. Use of common and warranty marks

Today’s issue covers the problem of genuine use of two different, less common types of trademarks, namely collective and certification marks.

23 Jun 2023

TKP lawyers has joined MARQUES

We are happy to announce that the TKP intellectual property team has joined MARQUES, an organization of brand owners and trademark protection experts. The organization aims to educate and promote the professional development of brand owners in the selection, management, protection, and exploitation of their trade marks in international trade.

TKP lawyers involved in the Marques international forum are:

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18 Oct 2021

Pretrial hearing in Polish civil procedure

At the end of 2019, Polish civil procedure underwent quite a few changes with which the legislator intended to improve certain aspects of proceedings before common courts. The legislation passed was supposed to reduce both the costs of the proceedings and average duration of cases. However, due to the worldwide pandemic, leading to numerous restrictions, the new provisions remained largely untested in practice until late 2020. Today, it is becoming more and more apparent that the legislator was successful in providing the courts and parties to the proceedings with certain useful tools which, when applied correctly, enable legal disputes to be handled effectively both in terms of time and costs. One of these tools which undoubtedly stands out is the institution of a pretrial (preparatory) hearing (see articles 2054-20512 of the Civil Procedure Code).

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