Dispute resolution and arbitration

About this practice area

Disputes are an inherent part of doing business. Some of them can be resolved amicably, whereas others need to be litigated. In both cases, we provide our Clients with comprehensive assistance.

We handle proceedings in areas such as intellectual property rights, commercial law, labor law, public procurement law, competition and consumer protection law, advertising law, and real estate and construction projects. We represent our Clients before common courts, arbitration courts, administrative courts, the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court, the Constitutional Tribunal and the European Court of Justice. We also have experience in disputes before arbitration courts, including the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw and before arbitration courts abroad.

We have substantial knowledge of numerous industries and sectors gained from our experience over many years.

The many successes we have achieved with our Clients attest to the effectiveness of our Law Firm.

What we do?
  • We provide professional support in resolving disputes through mediation at the pre-litigation stage.
  • We advise on the necessary pre-litigation measures, such as pre-litigation demand letters.
  • We conduct settlement negotiations, both at the pre-litigation stage and in the course of a court dispute.
  • We collect evidence and assess the chances of winning a case.
  • When devising a strategy we take into account the legal risks and Clients’ business goals.
  • We diligently implement the adopted strategy at every stage of the case.
Cooperation benefits

The assistance our team of professional lawyers provides in the courtroom and during mediation and arbitration proceedings gives the Client an invaluable sense of security. Our experts ensure that proceedings are conducted properly, take care of all the formalities, gather evidence, and appear before the court. Such comprehensive support saves our Clients time and involvement in the case. Our Clients can count on substantial legal support, tailored to their needs and strengthened by our many years of experience. The assistance our lawyers provide is as practical as it is professional.

When devising a strategy, we also take into account the business aspects of the dispute. We understand that dispute resolution significantly affects efficient management of business risk.

We have experience in conducting almost any type of dispute. The assistance of an experienced attorney in fact greatly increases the likelihood of a favorable resolution for the client.

Why choose us?
  • We have at our disposal interdisciplinary teams of lawyers who provide the highest level of service.
  • We possess an in-depth knowledge of many industries, which enables us to assess the business risk of a dispute.
  • We have experience in working with law firms across the globe and offer support in cases conducted in other jurisdictions.
  • We also offer professional assistance in mediation and arbitration.
  • We guarantee an immediate response in situations that need to be dealt with swiftly.


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20 Sep 2023

Legislative developments concerning consumer-trader disputes

New civil law procedure regulations that entered into force on 1 July, 2023, include changes to rules regarding consumer-trader litigation. This amendment could have a major impact on foreign enterprises operating in Poland, if a consumer takes legal action against them in Poland, or if the enterprise pursues claims in Poland against a consumer.

17 Jun 2023

New rules on injunction procedures in IP cases

As of 1 July, 2023, new rules will take effect in the Civil Procedure Code on injunction procedures in IP cases. Under these new rules, injunction proceedings will cease to be ex parte proceedings and will now implicitly be inter partes proceedings. When granting an injunction in an IP case, a court will also have to consider that the IP right for which the injunction is being sought might be invalidated. Meanwhile, rightholders will have to decide quickly and within a certain time whether to seek an injunction for their claims.

05 Aug 2022

The time limit for undertakings to collect debts to be longer

The Polish Supreme Court has specified in a resolution of 13 May 2022 (case III CZP 46/22) how to correctly determine when an undertaking’s claims against a consumer expire under the statute of limitations. This ruling may interest foreign undertakings that pursue claims against consumers in Poland, as it de facto extends the time limit under the statute of limitations, i.e. it provides more time for recovery of debts that had not expired under the statute of limitations as of 9 July 2018.

21 Mar 2022

Conciliation proceedings will no longer interrupt the course of limitation

As of the end of June 2022, the provisions relevant to the effects of using conciliation or mediation proceedings as pre-trial dispute settlement instruments will change in Poland. The change will significantly affect those entrepreneurs and other entities conducting economic activity in Poland who would like to first try to settle a dispute amicably while at the same time not losing, due to limitation of claims, the possibility of pursuing their claims in judicial proceedings, in case the amicable settlement of the dispute fails.