Combating unfair competition

  • About this practice area

    When running a business, many entrepreneurs are sooner or later confronted with unfair competition. Every day hundreds of them experience firsthand that competitors do not always play by the rules. 

    Unfair competition includes e.g. product imitation, dissemination of false information or preventing access to the market. It may also be related to an infringement of industrial property rights.

    As experts, we have many years of experience in representing Clients in cases of unfair competition. We help both in asserting the violated rights and in fending off unfounded allegations. Reliance on professionals is the first step in removing the adverse effects of illegal activity.

  • What do we do?

    • We look into every case of potential violation – including misleading identification of the undertaking, product or packaging, poaching another competitor’s customers and employees, disseminating false or misleading information about another trader, etc.
    • We develop a professional strategy of prevention against such practices or defense against unfounded allegations of unfair competition.
    • Based on many years of procedural and business experience, we assess the opportunities and risks of conducting court proceedings.
    • We represent Clients before common courts, including the Supreme Court.
    • Besides, we provide support in enforcing judgments and freezing orders by bailiffs.

  • Cooperation benefits

    Identifying acts of unfair competition and removing their adverse effects is a legally complex task. An inexperienced entrepreneur, who tries to act independently, may fail to take into account all available remedies and potential risks. Cooperation with our experts will ensure that the dispute is examined in its wider context and that any losses are minimized.

    The starting point of cooperation with our law firm is a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of the dispute. We take into account the allegations reported by the Client, but we also analyze any potential violation of industrial property rights or damage to the entrepreneur’s image in the media. We also look forward, identifying the need to prevent further consequences of the infringement and developing an effective action plan.

    Acts of unfair competition can effectively damage or destroy the company’s image and reputation which have been developed for years. You should act quickly. It is worth entrusting the protection of the brand to professionals, also if the allegation is unfounded. 

    We believe that the Client’s position can always be improved to allow further, unaffected running of their business.

  • Why should you choose us?

    • We have many years of experience in various, often very complex cases concerning unfair competition.
    • We offer a comprehensive, multi-faceted analysis of your case.
    • We have in-depth knowledge of industrial property law with regard to the violation of fair competition rules.
    • We provide assistance at every stage of the proceedings.
    • We offer ongoing contact and accessible communication regarding the taken actions.