Real estate, construction projects and reprivatization

  • About this practice area

    Effective legal assistance in the area of real estate, construction projects and reprivatization demands experience and a practical knowledge of useful tools. For over a dozen years our expert team has been offering Clients only viable and safe solutions.

    Our services are addressed to domestic and foreign Clients operating on the Polish market. We assist various sector stakeholders such as developers, contractors, architects, housing communities, infrastructure companies and other entities. We also support individuals claiming restitution of property, or acquiring investment properties.

    We know how various industries operate. We counsel entities operating on, among other things, the housing, office, banking, leasing, infrastructure, construction and local government markets. We keep abreast of the industry trends and tendencies and we are constantly monitoring changes both in the law and case law. We do not make empty promises. We truly offer comprehensive services in the area of real estate, construction projects and reprivatization.

  • What do we do?

    • We advise on real estate transactions and on construction projects, including carrying out pre-lease and pre-investment audits; in addition, we comprehensively handle the acquisition of residential real estates or hotels, we develop optimal models of real estate acquisition and draw up complex agreements.

    • We support our Clients in the construction and investment processes, including reviewing the documentation, assisting in obtaining decisions necessary for the implementation of the investment and legalization of unpermitted buildings.

    • We assist in the area of intellectual property and new technologies in the construction industry; in particular, we draft agreements with design studios for the complete investment documentation, we review and organize the documentation of companies, as well as provide copyright-related opinions on construction and promotional documentation.

    • We counsel on establishing the legal status of real estate and on reprivatization matters; among other things, we handle the establishing of the legal status of real estate acquired by developers and manufacturing companies to be used for their intended purposes, we represent Clients in matters of reprivatization claims and we provide legal counsel to pre-war owners in matters of reprivatization of assets in Poland.

    • We handle disputes related to real estate and construction investments; for instance, we represent main contractors of commercial buildings in disputes with contracting authorities and designers for remuneration and compensation, real estate developers in disputes over the performance of preliminary agreements, investors in disputes with a design studio for compensation for faulty construction documentation and many other entities in other types of disputes.

  • Cooperation benefits

    Turning to us, Clients can benefit from the unrivaled experience and an excellent knowledge of our expert team. We perfectly understand the needs of our Clients in the area of real estate, construction and infrastructure investments. We are familiar with the market standards, including those regarding agreements or internal procedures applied in particular areas of activity. We are constantly updating and expanding our knowledge, and we are also determined to improve our skills. We participate in the important events taking place on the real estate market and we organize training sessions and workshops.

    The effects of our work are impressive. The total value of agreements concluded with our participation exceeds several billion zloty, while the total value of court cases in which we represented one party to the dispute exceeds one billion zloty.

  • Why should you choose us?

    • We offer constant support of multi-disciplinary expert teams.

    • We engage external experts, including architects, technical consultants, or qualified valuers whom our Clients can consult, if necessary.

    • Practical experience gained in the implementation of large, high budget construction projects.

    • A customized approach to each case.

    • Full availability during the ongoing project implementation and contact on a regular basis.