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Joanna Adamczyk

Joanna Adamczyk specialises in the law of media and advertisement, intellectual property law, unfair competition  law, pharmaceutical law and consumer protection law. She represents clients before courts and authorities in proceedings concerning the abovementioned areas of practice.

In our law firm she participates in the advertisement and promotion team, intellectual property and competition team, and life sciences team.

Author and co-author of numerous publications, among other things concerning law of advertisement and pharmaceutical law, e.g. Prawo reklamy i promocji [Advertisement law], chapter Prawne aspekty reklamy, promocji i sponsoringu w obszarze gier hazardowych [Legal aspects of advertising, promotion and sponsorship of gambling] [in:] Reklama. Aspekty prawne [Advertising. Legal aspects], as well as articles about medicinal products. She actively participates as a speaker in seminars and conferences.

Phd  Candidate at the Faculty of Law and Administration of Jagiellonian University. Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University, a scholarship holder of Sokrates/Erasmus program at University of Heidelberg, a graduate of German Law Program of Universities of Heidelberg and Mainz, and Austrian Law Program of Vienna and Jagiellonian Universities.

Joanna Adamczyk provides advice in Polish and German.