Workshops: Product and Brand Protection – Latest Trends and Case Law

09 lip 2018

The Community Trade Mark Regulation, which amends a number of key provisions, came into force on 1 October 2017. Ensuring that trademarks have adequate legal protection is of vital importance, because this allows the owners of marks to prevent third party infringements and illegal third party financial gains from the use of other people’s trademarks. The training session will be devoted to product and brand protection issues. Our experts will provide guidelines on what product aspects should be protected, explain the concept of the distinctive character of a trademark, and present the differences between formal and actual protection. In addition, selected issues related to brand management will be analysed. Our speakers will present the available procedures for protecting your brand outside of Poland, and will suggest what to remember about when marketing your goods in foreign markets. They will also discuss selected cases of infringements and types of claims available to the owner in the event of a violation of his brand rights.

The workshops on 10 July 2018 will be run by Prof. of the Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Paweł Podrecki, PhD, Habil., and Anna Sokołowska-Ławniczak, PhD, Patent Attorney.

The organiser of the meeting is Centrum Promocji Informatyki.