IP Insights. Geographical indications. Introduction

08 Dec 2023

There’s no wine, there’s Bourgogne. There’s no cheese, there’s Roquefort! Increasingly, we don’t drink wine but Sauvignon Blanc, we don’t eat ham but Prosciutto di Parma, we don’t drink champagne but Dom Perignon. There’s a reason in that. These names or brands are all protected as geographical indications in a wide sense.

What are geographical indications and protected designations of origin? That is what you will find out in the last IP Insights prepared by Mikołaj Deptalski.

  • What possibilities of protection provides intellectual property law?
  • What can be a protected designation of origin?
  • What kind of legal protection can be guaranteed to a local product?

We invite you to read more! We will introduce the next IP Insights next week!