Commercial law and corporate advisory

  • Why choose us

    • We offer a practical approach, tailored to our Clients’ business objectives.
    • Our team boasts in-depth expertise in commercial law and a deep understanding of the specific industries.
    • We are reliable and we explore each case entrusted to us in great detail.
    • We provide legal services in Polish, English and German.
    • We are readily available and if necessary we can provide immediate emergency consultation.

  • What we do

    • We offer a full range of corporate legal services such as founding new companies, amending agreements, corporate governance consultancy, or comprehensive corporate compliance policies.
    • We routinely handle M&A transactions, and related due diligence procedures. We provide comprehensive support at every stage of the procedure, including labor migration, and we handle notification of antitrust authorities of intent to concentrate.
    • We advise senior executives (members of the management board, proxies); in particular, we advise on senior executive contracts, conduct risk analysis with respect to accountability for economically sub-optimal transactions, and deal with insolvency filings.
    • We advise entities experiencing financial difficulties or their creditors; in particular, we assist with Clients’ restructuring measures and we help them develop a restructuring plan. In addition, we represent Clients at all stages of restructuring and insolvency proceedings.

  • About this practice area

    We know that the primary objectives of your company are effective operation and sustainable growth, but in order for your business to develop profitably and operate productively, you need to have the right strategies in place and the capacity to respond to problems swiftly. Constant legal assistance with commercial and corporate law helps anticipate and mitigate risks on an ongoing basis. As a result, business activities can be conducted effectively and seamlessly. 

    Our expert team provides assistance for entrepreneurs, employers’ associations, chambers of commerce, local government, administrative bodies and other public entities. Thanks to our wealth of experience, we can approach our Clients’ problems from various perspectives. We assist both national and international entities.

    Our activities go well beyond mere ‘corporate advisory’ services. We offer real, strategic solutions tailored to the needs of a specific industry. 

  • Cooperation benefits

    Every entrepreneur running a business knows that the market, business and legal environment is changing surprisingly fast. Constant support provided by an experienced law firm allows entrepreneurs to pursue their business objectives, leaving all complex issues and formalities to experts. 

    What sets us apart is our practical knowledge of unconventional but effective solutions. In the course of our practice, we have encountered various company operating models. This experience enables us to successfully align the Client’s activity to the existing regulatory framework. Our team is up to date with amendments to company law and is determined to devise the optimal solutions tailored to the company’s business needs. 

    We perfectly understand that in business, time is money. We are always ready should you need us to put out a fire. 

    Not only do we understand the law, but we also know how business operates.