02 Jun 2022

New rules on advertising medical devices

There has been a major change to laws regarding advertising of medical devices[1] in Poland due to another Act on Medical Devices being passed, of 7 April 2022.[2] The current rules at EU level have changed in accordance with the adopted premise that more extensive and uniform protection is needed, at least to a minimum […]

23 Dec 2021

Is Poland innovative enough?

European Patent Office (EPO) and Polish Patent Office (PPO) statistics show that the answer to the question is Poland innovative Enough should be – “not exactly”. There has been some increase in the number of patent applications from Poland (before the EPO) or in Poland (before the PPO) compared to past years, but we are […]

22 Jun 2021

Even faster IPR registration in Poland?

For almost two months now, a fast-track procedure has existed for registration of a trademark or a design with the Polish Patent Office, modelled on the system that operates at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). This mechanism is intended to speed up registration procedures, but there are certain stipulations. The procedure for registration […]

16 Mar 2022

Practical aspects of combating counterfeit goods in Poland

Trade in counterfeit goods is a major global issue. It is important to increase public awareness that combating counterfeiting not only demonstrates protection of intellectual property rights; it is often a fight against organized criminal groups. When protection against counterfeit goods can be obtained According to the definition in Polish law, counterfeit trade marks are […]

14 Oct 2021

Will the Polish Patent Office operate more quickly than the EUIPO?

This is the objective aspired to according to the premises of an amendment currently being drafted to the Industrial Property Law – procedures are to be handled more quickly and be more applicant-friendly. This is a very interesting prospect, especially as the bill itself is also intended to be passed quickly, as soon as QI […]