Karolina Grochecka-Goljan

Attorney-at-lawSenior Associate


An attorney-at-law with many years of experience advising IT firms on commercial contract law, in particular IT contracts, as well as new technologies law, copyright law, and public procurement law. At TKP, Karolina deals with TMT practice, as part of the IT-Tech and Public Procurement law team. Karolina advises the largest IT firms, such as cloud computing providers and public and private sector contracting authorities. She also advises telecommunications operators on their business operations and telecommunications law.

For many years she has advised on litigation, including IT contract disputes and strategy in this regard.

Karolina studied at the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration at the Catholic University of Lublin. She is studying for the bar with the Warsaw Bar Association. She completed a postgraduate program in new technologies law at the Kozminski University in Warsaw.

She holds an AgilePM Foundation agile project management certificate.

Karolina speaks English.

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